I believe in the supernatural and also in prophecies. There are a lot of things we are comfortable not knowing. For instance a stranger’s name. Some things are also better off not known. But there are also a lot of other things we really want to know, like if our decision is the right one or not, or if a job is going to work out. There are many things we simply can’t know and while we think it will be nice to know these things,  to know the future, it’s not really the case. Even if we could not know these things we are actually better off not knowing. Some things must be left alone. So no I would not like to know the future. The witches play a vital role in Macbeth. They represent Macbeth’s evil side. They serve to advance the story, reveal human weaknesses and give the audience a hint of things to come. In early modern tradition, witches were steretypically women. The common belief we that these women would make a diabolical pact with the evil spirits to apeal to their intervention. They would give prophevil. s to people who came to seek for their advice or help. These witches would also take part in the Witch Sabbath by paying honour the the devil. They would in form receive preternatural powers- thereby by becoming evil