Hypocrisy plays a huge part throughout the play. Hypocrisy is introduced at the very start of the play “fair is and foul is fair”;this is an important theme. The weird sisters use many riddle- like phrases, and as the witches first use hypocrisy, this creates a line between reality and the supernatural. Macbeth is two-faced; he has a public side and a private side. Macbeth is friendly towards Duncan, and Duncan trusts him and appoints Macbeth Thane of Cawdor. Meanwhile Macbeth is planning to murder him. Macbeth is a heroic, honest and respectable yet is a man who is ruthless with evil replacing his character. Lady Macbeth is also two-faced “false face must hide what the false heart doth know”.Lady Macbeth greets Duncan politely and is a perfect hostess, but the reality is that she too is planning on killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth encourages her husband’s two-faced behaviour “look like th’innocent flower and be the serpent under’t”. In Macbeth’s first appearance as king of Scotland, his first words are addressed to Banquo:there’s our chief guest”. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth treat Banquo with courtesy:”Let your remembrance apply to Banquo; present him eminence, both with eye and tongue: unsafe the while, that we must leave our honours in these flattering streams, and make our faces vizards to our hearts”. Later in the scene Macbeth arranges the murder of Banquo. After Macbeth becomes king he suffers from sleeplessness and bad dreams. He is also afraid that Banquo’s children will be kinds of Scotland as prophesied by the witches. All the stresses show plainly in his face, because his wife pleads with him to be a better hypocrite: “Gentle my lord, sleek o’er your ragged look”, however Macbeth resents the necessity of putting a fair face on his foul thoughts. After the ghost incident at the banquet,  Lennox comes to understand the foul reality behind Macbeth’s hypocrisy:”the gracious Duncan was pitied of Macbeth: marry, he was dead”, this bitter joke describes both Macbeth’s facade that he was for Duncan and after he killed Duncan. Well for people who pretend theybare something they are not are a bunch of liars and hypocrites. Pretending you are someone you are not is that you do not want to face reality,  if you pretend to be someone else you as not is losing yourself to another identity. The motive behind wearing a mask is to hide your true identity and personality. It is totally impossible to friends with someone like that who is two-faced. Because you might not know who they truly are and what kind of person lies behind that mask. Wearing a mask is sometimes also used to mask your emotions, to build a wall around yourself as a defence mechanism so nobody can penetrate. I have felt the urge to put on a mask but have not found any tangible reason as to why I should. Maybe I don’t need to it just want to be myself who I really am not to put on a fake facade.